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Goal Setting Software


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Setting Goals
Changing Career
Starting a Business
Finding a Partner
Work-Life Balance
Planning My Life
Managing My Time
Managing Stress




We are so confident that you will feel you have received great value for money once you buy Life Aligner Pro that we are offering you a No Quibble Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied you are entitled to a refund within seven days.


All of this for only £19.99 GBP or $34.99 USD this month



Discover how to transform Your Personal Life, Career or Business using Powerful Life Aligner Pro 2011 Goal Setting Software

Right now you can focus on the right areas of your life by putting first things first. Determine exactly what you want and how to get it. Understand where you need to be and how to get there. Tap into the tools and support that enable you to get organized and take action!

What users like most about the Life Aligner goal setting software is that it is quick and easy to use

Your personal data is held securely on your PC rather than it residing on the Internet where you have no control over it


Use Life Aligner Pro To Get Organized

Life Aligner Pro is fully customizable so that you can include all of your different roles e.g. Health, Partner, Career, Business etc and assign goals and multiple layers of sub-goals under each. The Life Aligner compliance score shows you how aligned you are with what you want.

Within minutes you will get a view of how things are stacked up for you. You can then use the results from the role alignment features to create compelling goals, which will enable you to be more aligned and achieve personal change. The interface is extremely simple and you can learn how to use it within a few minutes. Here are just a few of the features:

Online training videos showing you how to use Life Aligner goal setting software. It takes you through the whole process step by step

Learn how you prioritize the different areas of your life and identify opportunities for change. You will get a view of how well you are doing within minutes of downloading with the help of the Life Aligner Pro Wizard

Decide what you would like to achieve using Life Aligner’s effective goal setting system including e-mail usage reminders delivered straight to your inbox

Use Life Aligner Pro for breaking down big goals into manageable chunks through its sub-goal functionality. Major goals can also be configured to calculate % complete based on sub-goals

Keep a journal to help you reflect on the day or week. The journal is also a great way of storing key pieces of information

Review your priorities and monitor the status of your goals to keep yourself on track

Use Life Aligner Pro goal setting software to improve any areas of your life including work and personal roles

Allow Life Aligner to coach you through the goal setting process. For example, it prompts you if you have a very important role with no goals assigned. You also get prompted if dates for your goals have passed

Drag and drop to re-prioritize your roles and assign goals with ease to different areas of your life

Save or email your Life Aligner database enabling you to send your goals to a coach or another PC running Life Aligner

Print your information directly from the Life Aligner Pro application

Store multiple instances of the Life Aligner database allowing different views (e.g. work or personal) or different users

Switch your goals between hierarchy (tree) view and flat (worksheet) based views dependent upon your own preferences

Integrated calendar/journal and goals - see all your goal completion dates easily within the calendar view

Use the Life Aligner software to gain unlimited access to Personal Development and Business Development e-courses

Allow Life Aligner Pro to coach you through goal setting as it provides you with tips based on your specific roles and goals

Assign various attributes to goals including priority, percentage complete, parent goal, duration, date, rich text format notes and status

Use Life Aligner for goals, actions or both

Portable and does not require an Internet connection. Can be used online or offline on a PC or laptop. You can transfer your Life Aligner data file from PC-to-PC via email or memory stick (just like a Word document)

Allow the Life Aligner Coach to prompt you if you have goals or actions, which are overdue



Benefit from Life Aligner Pro e-courses

When you purchase Life Aligner Pro you get unlimited access to a range of e-courses covering a range of personal development and business development areas. Here is a selection of the e-courses to give you an example of what’s on offer:

Manage My Time

Understand My Fears

Prepare for My Interview

Start My Part Time Business

Learn how to Confront Somebody Effectively

Optimize My Attitude

Start My Coaching Business

Find My Partner

Change my Behaviors

And many more great e-courses....


Life Aligner Pro e-courses are delivered straight to an inbox of your choice in bite sized chunks. You can register in a snap from the Life Aligner application. Each e-course contains content for you to read, actions for you to complete and they are bursting with full of tips and techniques. e-courses are written by leading coaches and experts in their field.

As a bonus, you will also receive emails as we add new courses that will give you the option of subscribing to them.


What People Are Saying About Life Aligner Pro….

“The installation was easy. The product is a good way of keeping track of what you need to be focusing on. It is very simple to use.”

“The Life Aligner software is great and the videos are very informative. Thanks for those. You have got a great product there.”

“I love Life Aligner, it is an excellent tool to help you identify your intentions, and decide what actions you are going to take to achieve success.  It is easy to use, just love it.”

“I have been using Life Aligner and I think it’s just great. An excellent tool to use for yourself in any aspect of your personal or business life, but also as a tool for when I engage with my clients.  Life Aligner is really easy to use and my clients are able to email me their progress sheets before sessions so I can monitor the progress they are making towards their goal. Fantastic. I thoroughly recommend Life Aligner to other coaches or anyone interested in personal development and who wants a visual tool to keep them on track.” ... Coaching Academy Licensed Trainer

“The interface has been designed with simplicity and speed of use in mind. Allow the Life Aligner Training Videos to guide me through the functionality, which enabled me to start benefiting within minutes.”

“I store all my important goals, actions and notes in Life Aligner. It is my dashboard for life!”

“I found the Understand My Fears e-course incredibly helpful.  The emails seemed to arrive at just the very moments that the fear was kicking in proving that nothing happens by accident I guess.  The convenience of receiving inspiration and guidance by email was great.  It not only meant I could get to the emails when I could create time, but also that I could go back to them whenever I needed a boost. Thanks so much”


goal setting software


This is Much More than just Goal Setting Software

It Offers You Software and Quality Personal Development e-courses that will Help You Move Forward.


Here Is What You Will Receive If You
Buy Life Aligner Pro this month

Life Aligner Pro PC Software

Value: £19.99 GBP / $34.99 USD

** FREE this month **

Life Aligner Pro e-courses

Get full access to the list of Life Aligner Pro e-courses. Receive bite sized content straight into your inbox on a regular basis and learn the secrets, tips and techniques from the experts

Value: £140 GBP / $230 USD

** FREE this month **

Free Bonus #1: Life Tools eBook

80 page e-book covering a wide range of areas including goal setting, planning, time management, stress management, attitude and more.

As used with thousands of students within UK universities

Value: £9.99 GBP / $14.99 USD

Free Bonus #2: 30% off upgrade to Next Life Aligner Pro Release

We are already specifying and coding the next release of Life Aligner. We have to keep the functionality secret from our competitors so we cannot reveal it just yet

Value: £9.99 GBP / $14.99 USD

** FREE this month **

** FREE this month **

Free Bonus #3 - Coaching

Interested in investing into some coaching? Complement Life Aligner Pro and give your goals a real boost with a coaching session This coaching session can be taken over the telephone or via Skype (new clients only)

Value: £140 GBP / $230

** FREE this month **

** FREE this month **

Bonus #4 - More e-courses

Buy Now and I will guarantee you full access to all future Life Aligner Pro e-courses. We plan to add even more e-courses over the coming months. You will have access to all of them and receive emails when they are added. Going forward, each of these e-courses will be retailing at £9.99 GBP / $14.99 USD for everybody else



We are so confident that you will feel you have received great value for money once you buy Life Aligner Pro that we are offering you a No Quibble Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied you are entitled to a refund within seven days.


All of this for only £19.99 GBP or $34.99 USD this month


(This includes your £300 GBP or $500 USD worth of bonuses as shown above)

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